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Billy and the Mini Monsters 1 – Monsters in the Dark

Billy and the minimonsters 1. Monsters in the dark , ,

Primeros lectores

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Monsters in the dark, es el primer libro de la colección para primeros lectores Billy and the minimonsters de Zanina Davidson y Melanie Williamson, editada por Usborne en inglés.

Billy’s scared of the dark, so he’s trying hard to stay awake ALL night. But then he hears a squeaky little voice and notices some tiny purple footprints. Not only that, SOMETHING has ATTACKED his cheese sandwich. What could it be? Does Billy dare find out? Meet Billy and the Mini Monsters in this laugh-out-loud adventure series for young readers, with colourful illustrations throughout.

Dimensiones 130 x 196 mm

Zanina Davidson


Melanie Williamson



Fecha Edición

Julio 2020

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